Nico Vidts, who boxed recreationally for more than 25 years, came into contact with orthomolecular supplements after a major operation and a long rehabilitation period. The results of this were quite fantastic, but he felt it had to be different, because it was just too many different supplements in too large quantities that he had to take on a daily basis. It had to be simpler. Together with Christina De Kerpel (daughter of Freddy De Kerpel) he decided to set up Boxing Fuel Nutrients based on the feedback of Freddy and many other top athletes. In the meantime, they have developed several custom products that you can also find on their webshop. Ambassadors include Freddy De Kerpel, Victor Schelstraete and Vasile Usturoi The Flemish Boxing League also decided to join forces with them and from now on Boxing Fuel Nutrients will support our athletes as they compete at the highest level.
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